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Depp Was The Perfect Guest 10:30 - 17 April 2004

Superstar Johnny Depp was the perfect guest, says the hotelier who put him up during a film shoot in the Cotswolds.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star stayed 14 nights at the luxury Cotswold House Hotel, in Chipping Campden, while working at locations including Stanway House, near Winchcombe. Filming the £8.7m movie The Libertine, in which he plays a debauched 17th century poet, he needed a secluded, but top-notch retreat.

Hotel manager Ian Taylor revealed Hollywood heartthrob Depp enjoyed the exclusive Old Grammar School suite, opposite the grade II listed High Street hotel, at £595 a night.

With two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a lounge and state-of-the-art kitchen, the 1487 suite cost £75,000 to convert.

Mr Taylor said: "He was kind and polite to the staff and appreciative of the hotel's service. We pretty much treated him as every other guest.

"He had quite a few friends staying at the Noel Arms.

"He went over there and they did a bit of gathering in the suite."

The chef at the Noel Arms was made up when Johnny took a shine to his sticky toffee pudding.

The actor was so impressed by Daniel Howe's creation that he vowed to bring girlfriend Vanessa Paradis and children from the US to Gloucestershire to taste it.

Swindon-born Daniel, 24, said: "I had to make it from memory as it wasn't on the menu and had to make 13 of them."

The sweet rounded off a main course of a pave of beef with fondant potatoes and Madagascan peppercorn veloute.

Once Johnny had finished the pudding he told his personal assistant he wanted to speak to the chef.

Daniel went to change his clothes, had a couple of pints for Dutch courage and ventured into the secluded Top Bar restaurant.

"When I was introduced to him he said 'Wow' and put his hands on his heart. He was so laid back and charming.

"Every question I asked about his films he would answer.

"I was sat there for about an hour-and-a-half just chatting.

"He did say the sticky toffee pudding was the best sweet he'd ever had.

"I would have said his words were just empty platitudes if it wasn't for the fact that he wrote on my menu 'Thank you Daniel for all your hard work. The sticky toffee pudding was psychotic'."