“I don’t try to be Captain Weird. I just do what I do.” -Johnny Depp

That’s possibly part of his allure. He’s not trying to be something he isn’t. He just is. And he’s not some disposable flavor-of-the month heartthrob-a conviction he’s had to earn over the tumultuous years. He’s Johnny Depp and he’s got staying power. He’s our Uberman, our Renaissance Man. He’s earned every stripe there is to earn along the way.

He’s cut a jagged path. He’s called the shots, bidden his time. He refuses to succumb to the hunky poster boy stereotypes that initially attempted to mold him-even from his early days on ’21 Jump Street.’ He’s had his volatile years; years of famous domestic fights with one after another of the stunning beauties; years of muddle-headedness and lack of clarity and focus; years of the suggestion of ingestion of a pharmacopoeia of recreational substances, or so they say.

Throughout the growing pains of adolescence that stretched out post-twenty and possibly thirty-something, one thing remained constant and fixed and came through with undisguised alacrity-the raw and rare talent that Johnny Depp is.

Throughout the Depp-search process in the name of researching this fan site, we came across thousands and thousands of pages of information and photos of Johhny Depp; impossible to determine what to include in our site, with so much information to sift through, and so much of it good! One voice in particular stole our attention because of the well-crafted prose, which is so unbelievably right-on, we just had to include it. We’ll just preface it by saying that the excerpt is from none other than tough-as-nails Salon.com media critic, Stepanie Zacharek. Worthy is it to mention that this is not the type of critic to sugar-coat anything. In fact, we remember reading her review of ‘Ocean’s 11.’ In it, she criticized Julia Roberts. Essentially, she wasn’t attacking Julia Roberts acting ability so much as she was attacking her for aging. In consideration of this, consider it the ultimate nod to get any type of positive feedback from Zacharek.

Excerpted from Salon article, “Not Just Another Pretty Face,” April 2001.

“Johnny Depp, so often described as androgynously beautiful, is really more like a male cat, a creature so sure of himself that his more masculine traits aren’t the first things you notice about him. You can see it in the way he underplays every role. Sometimes you look at him and you think he’s not doing much at all; then you realize that what he’s doing is so economical and so understated that you can’t afford to take your eyes off him for an instant.

He wastes no line, expression or arc of movement. Like those ancient inky creatures painted on Japanese scrolls with just two or three strokes, he’s both the suggestion and the essence of feline masculinity, all implied muscle and Zen intelligence.”

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